Art Ventures for the Taubman Museum of Art     2008

Taubman Museum of Art - Roanoke, VA 2008
in collaboration with Ellen Wexler
background murals by Gary Panter
  • Plan
  • Model
  • Lumia Lab
  • Perspective Table
  • Print Studio
  • looking toward Print Studio
  • looking toward Perspective Table
  • looking toward painting and activity box areas
  • painting with brushes using water on slate
  • Art Activities
  • entrance pavilion and Lumia Lab beyond
  • Perspective Table and Theater beyond

Art Ventures reaches out into the lobby and draws people in.
There are places to sit, pause and consider.
Experiment with light, shadow, color and depth.
Sit within perspective.
Look at the range and beauty of color.
Create a Cornell-like diorama installation.
Lounge and look at short art films. 
Browse a library.
Work in a print studio.
Be up close and personal with a wall drawing mural. 
Consider the range artists use to express one idea.
Choose a Studio In a Box for a private activity.