Continuous Ramp    2001


Continuous Ramp, a five-inch-wide pathway that rises over a 48-foot-long structure. Both seem to reach into some unknown space; both would continue forever, but they can only suggest that. They would like to present a straight line into those spaces, particularly Ramp with its upward path of vision, but they can't because the materials and the method of construction, or probably any method of construction, won't allow it. Ramp has a wonderful, romantic latticework of wooden members scaled to what would be two-by-fours in an actual ramp, but, of course, the whole thing would collapse as the ramp reached beyond a certain height. As it is, the entire structure has an uneven, rickety quality that characterizes both its aspirations and its possibilities. Nonetheless, the process of building extends as far as it can."   Don Goddard