Drywall Drawing in Memory of Sol Lewitt    2011

University of Manitoba School of Architecture Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada 2011
  • Drawn Into Architecture

Drywall Drawing is  a "collaboration" between the builder and the architect. I gave a simple set of instructions to the builder before I arrived at the University of Manitoba. Build an 8 feet cube/room with 2x4's every 16 inches. Drywall only the interior and screw the drywall to the studs every 8 inches into the external 2x4's.  The builder drives the (+) plus shaped screw heads  into the drywall; the (+) plus shaped  screws position themselves  randomly.

When I arrived I extended the lines in the heads of all screws to the edges of the walls , the floor and the ceiling using pencil.
I am interested in exploiting what most people might consider insignificant. The mundane, simple, insignificant generates a complex drawing. The microscopic becomes astronomical.

Ellen photographed me against the wall. I extended the lines using Photoshop which trapped me and held me to the wall. I continue my attempts to become architecture. I titled the piece Drywall Drawing in memory of Sol Lewitt.