The Mezuzot Project for the Jewish Museum     2004

The Jewish Museum, New York 2004

I am exploring the methods to exhibit, hang, and display the text parchment of the Mezuzah.
The method of display affects its content. The method of display is its content.
I am exploring how much of the text to reveal.
I am exploring the ways in which an unrevealed text implies hidden meaning.
I am exploring the “frame”.
I am exploring the hinge as a concept. I am exploring the door as concept.
Is a door open or closed?
The threshold.
States of an unfolding box.
An erupting form.
The spiraling of the text parchment.
The horizontal and the vertical.

Like the scientific method I hold things constant.
I introduce one variable.
The pure white - a petrie dish to study the concept of Mezuzah.
Acts as a standard, a reference, a datum.
Everything almost the same.

The collection is a portfolio.

Traveling through the museum the white are pages to be read, a non verbal narrative.