Overlook for the Atlantic Terminal     2009

Atlantic Terminal, Long Island Railroad, Brooklyn,NY 2009
in collaboration with Ellen Wexler
photos J. Bartlestone

Overlook reminds us of those scenic off road viewing stations our parents pulled into on long summer car trips. Are we almost there?  A much needed break in the expected and everyday. A place to regroup and to rethink, a retreat.

I will be waiting for you at the Overlook. Overlook is a break in a journey, a place to pass through.

Overlook is a place to observe the theater of people activity below on the concourse level while you wait for a train to arrive at the platform.

Although the piece recalls the rocky outcroppings along our national highways, Overlook questions the relationship between nature and mathematics and between the rendered and the pixilated, creating a balance between abstraction and representation. Overlook reminds us of the subways’ subterranean existence and speaks about excavation, strata, and geology.