RISD Museum Interventions    2004

Rhode Island School of Design Museum 2004
in collaboration with Ellen Wexler
  • Waist Coats for the RISD Museum Guards
  • Detail
  • Wall Labels
  • Detail
  • Seeing Greens
  • Seeing Greens

Waistcoats for RISD Museum Guards is a collection of  six different uniforms to be worn by guards in the museum galleries. The style is based on a 18th century waistcoat in the museum  collection  Each waistcoat in the series is embroidered with elements from a specific artwork in the collection. A label sewn onto each waistcoat identifies and locates the artwork that inspired it.

Wall Labels are piled up on the floor.
As if they had fallen from the wall.
As if they are pouring out.
As if there was too much to say.
Many voices offer clues to a scavenger hunt for the eyes .

Seeing Greens plays with scale.
The piece evokes  architecture, galleries, packing crates and  assemblage sculpture.
The juxtaposition of objects resonate.
Objects talk to each other - the unexpected context choreographs our experience.
The objects are integrated, melt together into one. 
Each  represents its time in history, its curatorial department.
Each elected to represent a larger whole.
The choice of the objects strengthen connections between the different curatorial departments.