Sukkah with Furniture Made from its Walls     1990

Commissioned by the Horace Richter Gallery, Israel 1990
plywood, teak, paint
  • Collection Jewish Museum, New York

Sukkahs, simple temporary shelters for dining made for celebrating the Jewish harvest festival, are traditionally made of common materials. This Sukkah is constructed using standard dimension sheets of plywood and its design was determined by the amount of plywood sheets used. The plywood sheets were used to create the furniture for the Sukkah before the building was constructed. The plywood shapes that form one chair or table were cut out of one plywood sheet. Although the position of the cutout pieces on the plywood are random, the chairs they create are identical. The negative spaces in the sheets act as windows In the Sukkah. The furniture can be disassembled and pieces set back into the plywood walls.