Gazebo with Inverted Tree Columns     1984

Collection of Warren Rubin and Bernice Wallman 1984
wood, tree trunks
  • model

I was commissioned by Tiffany and Company in New York City to build a small building for their second floor.  To create Gazebo with Inverted Tree Columns  I  returned to my earlier work, the forest studies that refer to the tree as the derivation of  architecture, to the duality of nature and technology, and the classical and the rustic. The opportunity to site this rural, country building indoors in New York City added another layer to this project.The gazebo is rather classical. But the columns are sections of tree trunks that have been sliced into quarters, the long way. The quarters are turned bark side inwards, giving the appearance of a traditional column. The legs of the dining table made of quartered tree trunks.