Bed / Sitting Room for an Artist in Residence     1988

Mattress Factory Gallery - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1988

The art center had acquired a rundown townhouse adjacent to its original building and asked for a site-specific sculpture. Trained as an architect, my suggestion was to create a living space for future artists-in-residence. Bed/Sitting Rooms consists of two rooms that function in a variety of ways. For one artist who wants a sitting area in one room and a single bed in the other. A couple who want a sitting area in one room and a double bed in the other. Two people who each want privacy with a single bed and chair in each room. A person who needs an empty room for work and a bedroom. The wall dividing the two rooms has a series of openings through which the furniture components can partially or fully pass through. These transformations are decided upon by the occupant and completed in seconds. The rooms can be redesigned many times a day. Two beds on wheels roll through the dividing wall. Two light bulbs rotate through the wall and can be used in either space. Sofa arms slide through the wall. The sofa's back cushions and the night table swivel.