Windworks    2007

in collaboration with Ellen Wexler
Cleveland Public Art and Great Lakes Science Center 2007
  • Concrete Electricity
  • Detail at base of turbine
  • Drawing
  • Google Earth view

A wind turbine is adjacent to the Great Lakes Science Center. The artwork highlights connections between art and science and form and function.
There are two elements: Shadow Path, two concrete walking paths and Concrete Electricty, a sculpture representing American electricity usage.
Two Shadow Paths dissect the grassy park to draw people to the turbine from the street.  One is a concrete path the shape of the shadow cast by the 120’ turbine on the equinox at solar noon. The other the shadow 2 hours later.  They draw attention to the passing of time and the movement of the sun in the sky. The shadow shaped paths turn our attention to the sleek turbine as a beautiful object.
At the Turbine’s base Concrete Electricity stacks cast concrete light bulbs. Their number and wattage   representing the average family’s annual electricity usage and call attention to the connection between the turbine and the light of the iconic bulb in your  bedside lamp.  This element functions as a seating area in the park.