Parsons Kitchen      1994

Parsons the New School for Design, School of Constructed Environments, New York City 1994

A bar and meeting place located in the entrance lobby of the School of Constructed Envrionments. The project began with the discovery of a hidden space behind a wall. The negative shape of this space became the form of the Kitchen. The shape of Kitchen is made complicated by the steam pipes, moldings and other irregularities that make up the recess. The piece is constructed like a storage crate, rolling into the space and filling it completely, and when needed and drawn out for use. The objects stored in Parson's Kitchen are isolated and presented like gems. A quintessential wine glass. Simple paper cups. White paper plates. Green wine bottles. Potato chip bags. The repetition of forms create patterns, their use creates theater. The experience heightens awareness of the actions of both the servers and the served. Three related pieces are located nearby. Kitchen Sink Crate, Self-Serve Coffee Crate and Apron Storage Closet.